Understanding Threat Modeling in Cloud

Do you need an essential guide for Threat Modeling your Cloud Environment, then this episode is definitely for you.

Our CTO Tyson Garrett, recently sat down with Ashish Rajan on the Cloud Security Podcast.

In this episode, we explore why and how organizations should approach threat modeling in the cloud to enhance their security posture. We will go through the practical steps required for effective threat modeling, including identifying and prioritizing threats, and the continuous adaptation required to address the dynamic nature of cloud services.

Questions asked:
00:00 Introduction
02:50 A bit about Tyson Garrett
04:27 What is Threat Modeling in Cloud?
06:29 Threat Modeling the right way in the Cloud
08:23 Threat Modeling in Cloud vs On Prem
11:05 Examples of Threat Modeling
13:41 Threat Modeling AI Services from Cloud Providers
21:58 Including Threat Modeling in Security Programs
25:09 Threat Modeling Cloud at Scale
28:08 Different Approaches for Threat Modeling
30:21 Challenges with Threat Modeling in Cloud
33:42 Best Practices for Threat Modeling in Cloud
39:59 Showing ROI on Threat Modeling
42:57 Maturity Levels of Threat Modeling
45:21 Starting point for learning about Threat Models
46:12 The Fun Questions
48:41 Where can you connect with Tyson

Picture of Tyson Garrett

Tyson Garrett

CTO, TrustOnCloud

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