TrustOnCloud Joins FS-ISAC: Cloud Security in Financial Services

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TrustOnCloud has joined FS-ISAC as an affiliate member. This supports our commitment to ensure that financial services organizations can confidently leverage cloud technology while effectively managing their cybersecurity risks, and is aligned with FS-ISAC’s mission to ensure resilience and security within the global financial system.

Mitigating Risk in Financial Services with Proactive Cloud Security Governance 

In the financial services world, the cloud environment is a dynamic and complex space with continuously evolving risk factors. TrustOnCloud has emerged as a leader in Threat Modeling, empowering cybersecurity professionals to identify controls that matter for their risk appetite whilst keeping up with the changes in each cloud service they consume.

Our continuous threat analysis and oversight challenges the status quo of point-in-time security assessments, providing a continuous, adaptive approach that aligns with the swift pace of change in cloud services. This innovative method has been proven to lead to a 70% reduction in the time required for service assessments, as stated by our financial services customers, indicating a significant enhancement in operational cost and agility, and security posture.

By joining forces with FS-ISAC, TrustOnCloud is not just expanding its reach; we are integrating into a network of like-minded organizations dedicated to safeguarding the financial services industry. As a new affiliate member, we are excited to offer FS-ISAC members insights into our cutting-edge cloud service threat modeling and to participate actively in working groups tackling the most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

Looking ahead with FS-ISAC

FS-ISAC is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity and resilience in the worldwide financial system. Their mission is to safeguard financial institutions and the individuals served by them.

FS-ISAC headquarters is based in the US, with offices in the UK and Singapore, with membership spanning approximately 70 countries.

TrustOnCloud: a new member of FS-ISAC’s affiliate program

TrustOnCloud is excited to actively participate in FS-ISAC working groups dedicated to addressing cybersecurity challenges in the financial industry.

Our first exciting announcement: we are excited to participate in discussions with industry actively thought leaders and stakeholders at the FS-ISAC’s EMEA Summit, (21-23 May, 2024) in Berlin as a Silver sponsor. More details to come soon, stay tuned! 

Join us as we collaborate to ensure the security and compliance of financial services in the cloud era. With TrustOnCloud and FS-ISAC working together, we are shaping a more secure and resilient financial landscape for tomorrow.

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