Track what’s AWS changes on IAM permissions with

You can now keep track on IAM permission changes on every AWS release or update. This website keeps the records of changes on the AWS IAM documentation pages, including new/update/removal of actions, resources and conditions.

AWS IAM is critical for Access Management in the Cloud. AWS has 278 IAM namespaces, with a total of 14178 actions, 1088 resources and 578 conditions [1]. At TrustOnCloud, as part of our continuous security review of AWS services for our customers, it was difficult to keep track of the changes accurately, either because there was no official update from AWS (via AWS What’s new), or other [excellent] tools (e.g. policy_sentry and iamlive) are not updated regularly enough, or are not in a format allowing to assess the change.

With the AWS IAM change log, like us, you can now visualize all the changes in IAM permissions for each AWS Service and assess how it impacts you. It is updated every 12 hours to be the latest whenever you want to review the changes. You can assess the difference between the old and the new via the website, and gets regular update via the RSS feed.

You can check the change log of IAM permissions at

[1] We are 100% sure that those stats are already out-of-date 🙂