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Call it service onboarding, service security assessment, or service allowlisting—these are all processes that enterprises perform to use cloud services for critical and/or compliance-bound workloads. When done properly, this process can take upwards of two months, with 2-4 weeks of it essentially dedicated to conducting a threat model of the service (e.g., EC2, Compute, OpenAI, etc.). At TrustOnCloud, we handle this undifferentiated part for you and also provide weekly updates.

In your custom demo, using either AWS, Azure, or GCP experience how TrustOnCloud:

  • Accelerates your cloud service onboarding processes
  • Ensures you implement the controls of most impact to your environment
  • Keeps you up to date with changes made by cloud providers and what this means to you

tl;dr sec exclusive offer: Post-demo, you will also receive a copy of your chosen ThreatModel.

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