ThreatModel – Business Subscription

Unlock the full potential of your Cloud Provider security with the Business Subscription! To go beyond our live demo ThreatModels, you can now get access to the ThreatModels of your choice, including:

Receive the complete ThreatModel, including Data Flow Diagrams (DFD), identified threats with Mitre ATT&CK, and recommended controls [via email in both DOCX and PDF formats]
Stay ahead with quarterly updates on new releases of Cloud Provider
Use the ControlCatalog interactive interface for all your ThreatModels [ROADMAP Q2]
Buy once, share with your entire organization

For additional services (including weekly updates, access to our researchers, local ControlCatalog, etc.), request information on our Enterprise Subscription via

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our refund policy allows for a refund to be processed up to 7 days after delivery of a ThreatModel. This policy only applies to payments processed via Stripe, and for up to 2 ThreatModel publications in a given year.


The TrustOnCloud ThreatModel business subscription is only available for end-user organizations, companies, and governmental agencies. Consultancies and technology providers must request another type of subscription if they wish to share the TrustOnCloud ThreatModel with their customers; please contact for further information.

Pricing per service

Service size
Number of APIs
From 1 to 50
USD 1,600 / year
From 51 to 150
USD 3,200 / year
From 151 to 500
USD 6,400 / year
From 501 to 1500
USD 12,800 / year

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