Shifting Threat Models from Static to Dynamic

Available on-demand, watch our CTO, Tyson Garret as he presents “Shifting Threat Models from Static to Dynamic” at ThreatModCon.

Explore how to evolve threat models in sync with the ever-changing cloud landscape. This talk emphasizes shifting from static to dynamic threat models and proactive responses to cloud updates. Gain insights into threat minimization, stay abreast of cloud changes, and enhance your threat modeling. 

In this session you will learn about: 
1️⃣ Mastering the evolution of threat models in the dynamic cloud landscape.
2️⃣ The relevance of proactive responses in security strategy.
3️⃣ Techniques to mitigate threats and stay at par with industry-fast updates.

Picture of Tyson Garrett

Tyson Garrett

CTO, TrustOnCloud

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