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Confidently adopting a cloud service requires more than just adhering to frameworks or ensuring your security tools have no critical alerts. It demands a comprehensive understanding of all potential threats associated with using the service and the assurance that you’ve enacted robust controls tailored to your unique risk tolerance. TrustOnCloud enables cloud, security, and development teams to work together to ensure a secure, efficient, and seamless integration of cloud services into your environment.

Comprehensive Data Flow Diagrams

Unlock a comprehensive understanding of a cloud service with TrustOncloud’s Data Flow Diagrams. They offer you the clarity needed to understand every data flow and how to control these flows for your cloud services.

In-Depth Prioritized Controls

For each threat, TrustOnCloud defines the controls, how to test them, the effort to implement them, and their mitigating impact on the threat. Armed with this insight, TrustOnCloud prioritizes each control, ensuring lower-hanging fruit is considered first to speed up the mitigation of each threat.

To build the final roadmap of controls, TrustOnCloud matrixes the control priority of each threat with the threat CVSS, giving you a complete control roadmap for each cloud service.

Threat Catalog

Every potential vulnerability is dissected and understood, giving you the foresight to preempt threats before they strike. For each threat, we document its severity, permissions required to execute, MITRE ATT&CK tactic(s), and its specific data flow.​

Continuously Updated

Cloud services constantly change; new threats and controls come with this change. By analyzing the changes made by the cloud providers, we provide weekly updates to our threat models to ensure you have the most up-to-date information possible.



Our controls are also mapped to the Secure Controls Framework to assist with your compliance requirements. The Secure Controls Framework maps to over 318 frameworks and allows you to map to your internal frameworks.

Automation and Customization

Our threat models are provided in both human and machine-readable formats. A machine-readable threat model enables you to make the knowledge contained within the threat model actionable for your environment.


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