fwd:cloudsec 2024 North America

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Join TrustOnCloud at the upcoming fwd:cloudsec 2024 conference in North America.

Visit us at Booth 13 to learn how we can streamline your cloud security governance and keep you ahead of threats with continuous updates and risk analysis.

Tune in to our session at the event

Our CTO, Tyson Garrett, will lead a must-attend session on
“How a control plane fail can help you learn about Azure security”. 

In this session, Tyson will use a control plane bypass incident in Azure OpenAI to highlight how Azure RBAC and other security controls operate.

Attendees of this talk will:

  • Understand the differences in how permission controls work in Azure compared to AWS.
  • Learn about other neat security controls that are natively present in Azure.
  • Use Azure permissions to find unpublished APIs.
  • Learn how to use the published REST APIs to discover vulnerabilities.
  • See a concrete example of why managed/built-in roles need to be carefully examined.
  • Understand why wildcards are bad.

Visit us at Booth #13

Come visit us at Booth 13 for more information. Discover how our continuous updates and threat catalog can secure your cloud services against evolving threats.