Introducing ControlCatalog – Improving the user experience from our 160+ page ThreatModel on Amazon S3 to a reactive UI

Today, we are launching the TrustOnCloud ControlCatalog. A reactive UI to navigate through our ThreatModels, and especially the open-source ThreatModel for Amazon S3.

After the initial release, we got some amazing replies (see below).

What’s stand out from those feedbacks and many others is: 1) it is important for security pros we go deep, and 2) it requires a big mental effort from the reader to just commit to glance a 160-page PDF.

With CloudControl, we want to help anyone to take advantage of the ThreatModels, whether you have 5 or 50 minutes. The ThreatModels are the same, the UI is different. It allows the reader to pivot between threats and controls, see the MITRE ATT&CK®, see the top threats and controls, or understand a particular flow, etc.

To get started, visit the ThreatModel of Amazon S3 on Control Catalog.