IAM Mysteries with Kat Traxler -
Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Now available on-demand, watch our Google Cloud Security Researcher, Kat Traxler, as she talks to the Google team, Anton and Timothy on the Google Cloud Security Podcast about IAM mysteries.

Topics include:
❓Are you one IAM mistake away from a breach?
❓Do CSPs do IAM differently?
❓Why do we keep making IAM mistakes in the cloud?

Picture of Kat Traxler

Kat Traxler

Google Cloud Security Researcher, TrustOnCloud

Kat Traxler is a Security Professional in the Twin Cities performing cloud research and security architecture in the areas of public cloud, container orchestration systems and IAM platforms. In her time in the security industry, she has had roles performing penetration testing targeting web applications, cryptographic infrastructure and fintech technologies. She has presented at various conferences including SANS CloudSecNext and fwd:CloudSec on topics such as privilege escalation and bug hunting in the cloud. She is the lead author of SEC549: Enterprise Cloud Security Architecture

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