Helping Developers Drink from a Champagne Flute & not a Firehose when it comes to Cloud Security – CitiBank & TrustOnCloud

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Watch our insightful discussion from the fwd:cloudsec conference, featuring Jason Nelson from Citibank and TrustOnCloud’s Tyson Garrett.

In the recent fwd:cloudsec conference talk, TrustOnCloud and Citibank came together to address one of the most pressing issues in cloud computing today – robust and efficient threat modeling. This video is a goldmine of insights for any developer or security professional seeking to enhance their organization’s cloud security posture. Here’s what you will learn: 

  • Continuous Threat Model Updates: Discover how TrustOnCloud provides comprehensive and constantly evolving threat models for over 150 cloud services, such as Amazon SageMaker and Google BigQuery. This approach enables teams to swiftly assess and integrate these services, staying ahead in the security game.

  • Developer-Friendly Security: Learn about the strategies implemented to make cloud services more accessible for developers. TrustOnCloud focuses on simplifying the consumption of secured cloud services, eliminating the hassle of complex configurations and controls.

  • Expert Dialogue: Benefit from the real-world experience and insights of Jason Nelson from Citibank and Tyson Garrett from TrustOnCloud, as they delve into the intricate challenges of threat modeling and how to effectively address them.

Don’t Miss These Key Moments:

  • 8:07 – Keeping Up with the Cloud: Understand the importance of keeping your cloud service assessments current in an ever-changing technological landscape.

  • 9:30 – Building a Strong Foundation: Explore the steps to construct an effective Threat Modeling program that fits your organization’s unique needs.

This isn’t just another technical talk. It’s a practical guide filled with actionable advice. By watching, you’ll equip yourself with the latest approaches to stay updated with new threats and controls in the cloud. Moreover, you’ll learn how to manage this information efficiently and make it understandable for your development team, enhancing the security and integrity of your applications.

Using TrustOnCloud has enabled us (as a very large Global organization) to move into our lowest level environment within about two weeks, and I know some small companies that can’t move that fast.”

— Director Cloud Security, Global Top 10 bank

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