Trusted by Systemic Banks, Fortune 500 companies, and Defense Agencies.

TrustOnCloud provides complete control catalogs for individual Cloud Services:
1) risk-based from our detailed threat models,
2) always updated from new releases, and
3) audit-ready with major compliance frameworks.

"Managing risk in the cloud requires that customers fully consider exposure to threats and vulnerabilities, not only during procurement but also as an on-going process."​
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US National Security Agency (NSA)

3 questions that need answers.

How are we comfortable for increasingly sensitive Cloud workloads?

How do we ensure our Cloud service onboarding is not limiting our users?

How are we keeping up with the pace of innovation of what’s already being used?

Security Governance at the speed of Cloud with TrustOnCloud.

Understand and keep up with the features and security of each Cloud Service with our ThreatModel documents

Mitigate threats that matter with actionable, up-to-date and risk-prioritized control library

Demonstrate compliance with our control mappings for ISO, SOC, PCI DSS, etc.

Over 140 Cloud Services covered
and 8,800+ APIs analyzed (just last year).

Detailed Threat Scenarios
with Data Flow
and Control Objectives
Prioritized Control implementation
and Audit testing
including AWS and Google Cloud
Also available as code
for further automation!

Security Governance at the speed of Cloud with TrustOnCloud.

If you prefer, feel free to contact us directly.